Adding an Ultraframe conservatory to my home

Adding an Ultraframe conservatory to my home | Ultraframe Conservatories

Mr. Leigh added his conservatory in the process of renovating his 150 year-old detached home.

He chose a spectacular and unusual lean-to style from Ultraframe with a glass roof that bridges the gap between his home and garden - a row of roof vents provide excellent ventilation and add to the overall effect of the conservatory.

Mr Leigh: "It's not just a conservatory - it's a major feature of our home. We designed it to fit in with the other works we were undertaking around the house and garden. By extending the conservatory out into the garden the home and garden literally become one space. The conservatory provides access to the garden that would otherwise be separate from the house."

One reason that Mr. Leigh wanted a conservatory was so that he could have the space and light to paint - his favourite hobby. The light provided by the conservatory will allow Mr. Leigh to paint from the comfort of his home, even when it's raining outside!

Heated floors and Ultraframe Conservaglass mean that the conservatory can be enjoyed all year round. Conservaglass will keep the conservatory cool in Summer and warm in Winter; whilst the heated floors will provide extra comfort during the colder winter months.