Find your nearest Ultra Installer in Surrey

Over the last 30 years, at Ultraframe we have been designing and installing conservatories, roofs and orangeries with exceptionally high levels of workmanship and customer service. Our reputation has meant that more and more homeowners are now getting in touch to find out if we are able to provide them with Ultraframe home improvement products in Redhill, Sutton, Warlingham, Windlesham and Worcester Park or other areas of Surrey.

We always do our very best to give our customers exactly what they want, so we are proud to display a list of approved Ultra Installers that can cover various parts of Surrey.

To find out more about how to get in touch with your local Ultraframe Installers in Surrey, simply select one of the towns displayed below.

When it comes to luxury conservatories, ‘Loggia’ has become a name that conjures up images of exceptional workmanship and unrivalled luxury. This is why Loggia is our flagship range of conservatories that can be designed and supplied in a wide variety of different configurations and all integrate seamlessly with the rest of your property.

While other inferior conservatories can become redundant during the colder months of the year, Loggia installations can be supplied with an ultra-modern heating system keeping them warm all year round. This versatility makes a Loggia conservatory a worthwhile investment in your property, you may have already noticed them in homes throughout Surrey.

As equally high quality and beautifully designed our range of Orangery's offer traditional and modern designs to suit all tastes. Expertly built with less glass then a modern conservatory, the glazed sides and brick or wood supports means this outstanding product becomes an extension of your home that you couldn't believe you were without. Ultraframe Orangery's take the best features of our top-of-the-line conservatories and expand them to give you a visually stunning extension.

If you are looking to improve an existing roof in your property, the Ultraframe product range also includes our market-leading roofing systems. We offer LivinRoof and realRoof installations, which enable you to get the most out of your exterior. LivinRoof is our revolutionary roofing system that allows you to combine glazed and solid panels seamlessly giving your home a striking roof that lets in large amounts of natural light. RealRoof enables you to have an extension roof that matches the rest of your property on the outside, while internally it creates a vaulted ceiling space that enhances the interior of an extension.

When you contact an authorised installer in Surrey one of the most important factors is that they are approved by Ultraframe. To maintain this status installers are regularly inspected by the board, which protects you against rogue builders. Ultra Installers also come with additional benefits:

  • An excellent track record when it comes to providing top-quality customer service
  • Full protection for any money taken when arranging the installation of an Ultraframe project
  • The awareness of the industry that comes from regular attendance at Ultraframe School of Excellence sessions
  • The authority to issue Ultraframe Certificates of Authenticity upon the completion of an Ultraframe project