Your Project Checklist

Your Handy Conservatory ChecklistHere at Ultraframe we want to make sure that you get the very best out of your conservatory and enjoy it for years to come - so here's a handy checklist of useful things to remember during the conservatory planning process:

Planning permission - Do we need Planning Permission or Building Regulation Approvals for our conservatory?

Visit our detailed conservatory Planning Permission and Conservatory Building regulations information page.

  • Choosing the site - take into account factors such as:
    • an appropriate outside wall of sufficient length
    • the square footage available for building a conservatory
    • the room which will provide interior access to the conservatory
    • access from the conservatory into the garden
    • walls, buildings, trees and greenery adjacent to the proposed site
    • choose a style - there's a wide range of conservatory types to choose from and with the Ultraframe conservatory roofing system, anything is possible


  • Furnishings - your furnishings will depend on the style and décor of your conservatory. Remember to carefully consider where you position the doors of your conservatory as this will have a large impact on the available floor space for positioning furniture. For example, positioning the doors on one side of the conservatory leaves an L-shaped floor space, whilst a door on the far end creates a 'corridor' effect where the furniture has to be positioned down each side of the conservatory.


  • Garden design - having your conservatory built is a great opportunity to re-landscape your garden, so that the conservatory blends in perfectly with its surroundings and you can enjoy the two together.