Do I have an Ultraframe roof on my Conservatory

Do I have an Ultraframe roof on my conservatory?

If your conservatory was fitted prior to July 2005, unfortunately we are unable to provide a Certificate of Authenticity. However, below we have shown some of the identifying features of an Ultraframe roof which you can compare against your own conservatory to determine whether it features a market-leading Ultraframe roof. 

Crestings and finials

Crestings and finials are the decorative features that run along the top of your conservatory roof (known as the ridge). The cresting is the spiky trim that runs along the length of the ridge, whilst the finial is the conical feature that stands at one or both ends of the cresting, depending on the style of your roof. 

The designs of the crestings and finials used on Ultraframe roofs are exclusive to our systems and so provide a good starting point to identifying your roof. Detailed below are the various designs that you will find on Ultraframe conservatory roofing systems. Please note that it is not always necessary to have crestings and finials fitted to your conservatory and so if you do not have these features on your conservatory, it does not necessarily mean that it is not an Ultraframe roof.

Classic Cresting, Classic Finial

Ultraframe conservatory classic cresting & classic finial

Baroque Cresting, Classic Finial

Ultraframe conservatory baroque cresting & classic finial

Tudor Cresting, Coronet Finial

Ultraframe conservatory tudor cresting, coronet finial


Elizabethan Cresting, Sceptre Finial
Ultraframe conservatory elizabethan cresting & sceptre finial


Renaissance Cresting, Pikestaff Finial

Ultraframe conservatory renaissance cresting & pikestaff finial

Contemporary Cresting

Ultraframe conservatory contemporary cresting

If you need further help in identifying whether your conservatory features an Ultraframe roof please email Ultraframe. Send us digital images of your conservatory roof and our technical team will verify this for you. 

Please be sure to check with your installer that the cresting and finial you have chosen is available on your roofing system - different crestings and finials are available on the different Ultraframe conservatory roofing systems.